Philip Holahan is a DP specializing in film and television.

Philip Holahan, a Jersey native who arrived in California by way of the American Film Institute (AFI), enjoys the rich creative terrain of Los Angeles. With a broad background as an assistant and operator in both features and TV, Holahan worked his way up to Director of Photography as producers and directors learned of his skills. Philip’s passion is to light actors and expose their beauty and character while leaving them the freedom to thrive in front of the camera. He enjoys shooting multiple cameras and keeping the second one alive to capture the extra bits of magic that enhance scenes in editing. Producers enjoy Holahan’s speed and agility, always able to capture the director’s vision using the available tools and time. Based in Los Angeles, Philip is available for work worldwide.

ICG local #600


FOX Television Studios
20th Century Fox
Touchstone Television
Ambush Entertainment
Warner Brothers Television
Rhino Entertainment
New Line Cinema